How MultiNFT Works

MultiNFT is a system of smart contracts, which can be even used separately or all together depending on business cases.
For example, providers can create their own content aggregator contract and use it to fill a content, which has already been purchased. In that case Provider creates NFT Titles, NFT Bundles e.t.c and use like content aggregator plus provider role.Producers can create a contract for NFT Title but manage only in-house payments, without permission to get distribution.
This is a way step-by-step to penetrate the market and show how promising this platform is for all players.


Business model

MultiNFT is a non-commercial organization, which will take care of members' growth and update smart contracts and SDK, create education content, and support new members and newbie producers.
To cover expenses, the team will get 1% reward from the amount of transactions and provide their own NFT Ads and NFT Products to sell within the network.

Target Market Segment and Market Ambitions

According to a report the global digital video content market reached a value of US$ 172 Billion in 2020. Digital video content comprises TV shows, movies, music videos and advertisements that are viewed online on various digital platforms. It represents one of the most convenient modes of entertainment, which is accessible through smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs.
Currently, there is a rise in the demand for digital video content, especially from the younger population, owing to the boosting sales of smartphones and the increasing number of devices that can support digital media. Besides this, the popularity of digital video content also enables brands to introduce new products on digital platforms, thus reaching a wide base of consumers in real-time.
It is our ambitious projection that with a modest 10% market share, MultiNFT Foundation is expected to be able to collect over $17.2B dollars annual revenue, which is $172M in fees to the platform.