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What is MultiNFT  

MultiNFT platform is a system of smart contracts, iOS, Android, and web UI SDK which cover a full flow from content creators to end-users, who watch content.
MultiNFT Foundation will be created as a non-profit organization to care about development software and growth community and members. The existing market works for past century style, where all transactions are handmade, subject of gross booking expenses, and have complicated processes to set up new contracts.
As result - a high-value barrier for new players, and losses for monetizing current content.
Here is a smart contracts samples:

Why blockchain?

Smart-contract based distribution logic

Only smart contracts can provide a solution, which will be transparent and flexible enough to cover market expectations. DAO can keep balance of interests for all sides and avoid catching a lot of power in one hand (which can stop future growth like now on the market). Here is benefits, which each side can get by using blockchain:



● move out of board groosbooking head pain for existed and new titles● check lifetime stats for titles and receive money asap● create and distribute a new modern content which includes mini games, 3d scenes and models e.t.c● sell NFTs and merchant while content watching without third parties● direct contact to fans and consumers, include fundraising for new titles


Content aggregator

 can easy manage NFT titles grouped in NFT Bundle in one or couple smart contracts to distribute providers● all stats can be managed by providers, all payments will distribute automatically with smart contracts● NFT Bundle can be configured for country, price, revenue sharing terms and dedicate to each provider



● can easily manage content lists, filtered by countries, with price e.t.c. by get a list of available NFT Bundles● with SDK app can play content directly from NFT Title includes a special formats like vertical videos, 3d scenes, mini-games● send stats from SDK to update views, ads and rest informationuse in-SDK crypto wallet, where consumer can purchase NFT Titles, subscription for NFT Bundles and NFT Products● manage payments to Content aggregators inside each transaction, cut revenue sharing fees● automatically sell NFT Ads to advertisers, purchase and transfer NFT Product during end-user transaction, sort out NFT Ads inside smart contract logic.● collect royalty fees from transferred between end-users or rented NFT Titles



● hold all purchased content and NFTs in own crypto wallet, which is not accessible for Providers transfer ownership for NFT Titles or subscription anywhere after purchase● propose purchased NFT Title for rent to friends, with automatically money collection and share royalty to providers● have access to modern type content, support Producers, involve in the creation process by votes, send donations e.t.c.